The Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun offers tickets for the whole new season for 3 euros, just for a few hours

Monday, 16 October, 2017

On Wednesday, October 18, 2016, starting at 16.00, tickets will be sold for the 3rd consecutive year at a price of 3 euros for all performances of the new 2017-2018 season of the Art Theater, with the following terms:
A. Tickets for all 17 productions of the season will be given
B. Specifically:
- up to 100 tickets for the performances: "Mac-Beth House", "The Robin of the Forests", "Doctor Jake and Mr. Heid", "Doules".
- up to 80 tickets for performances: "Reunion of North with South Korea", "Eleni"
- up to 60 tickets for the performances: "Unconquerable states II: Arigani", "Unpublished states II: Bird", "Vienna forest stories", "Julius Caesar"
- up to 50 tickets for the performances: "To Elefsina", "A man returns to his homeland believing that they will kill him and they do", "Duende"
- up to 20 tickets for the performances: "" Unpopular States I: The Club "," Nécia-Ex-Stage "," Agamemnon. Aeschylus / Euripides "," Cave "
C. The offer is valid in both theaters of the Theater (Pesmazoglou 5 & Frinichou 14).
D. The starting time of the offer is strictly at 16.00. The process will run until the exact number of tickets to be offered per production is exhausted.
E. Any viewer who reaches the cashier is entitled to buy up to two tickets for each show, for any performances of the season - even for all, if the tickets defined as the bid limit for each repertoire are not exhausted.
F. A strict set of physical priority will be maintained without the use of a written or other list.
G. As soon as the offered tickets of a production are exhausted, the friends of the Theater who have come to the funds will be informed directly by the Theater.
H. Please be informed about the 2017-18 program from the Art Theater site and have the selection of the performances you wish to watch ready, in order to waiting times short for everyone.
G. The Art Theater asks that the terms of the offer be respected and obeyed. We will try throughout the year to be close to you with offers, as well as ticket prices accessible to everyone.
* The Art Theater's current performances: "Relax Mynotis", "Uncompetitive states I: The Club", "Necyia-Exposition" and premiere on the 16th October "Mac-Beth House".

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