Artists in Athens - City of Crisis
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
206, Piraeus st., Tavros, 17778

Artists in Athens - City of Crisis


Thanks to its vitality, the art scene in Athens, in the face of the economic and political crisis, is met with increased attention by media and trade press. Street art occupies a special place in this. Free expression finds its way as the walls of buildings become covered with a deluge of political statements.
The research and exhibition project “Artists in Athens – City of Crisis” poses questions about the connection between the crisis and artistic production in Greece. 14 contemporary artists who work in Athens, express their artistic development in the midst of the greek crisis, as well as its impact on their personal life and artistic creativity.
The exhibition, a combination of social research and photographic documentation, presents the photographic works of contemporary artists: five women and nine men aged from 24 to 72 years, express engaged in a number of different art forms ranging from “apolitical” to explicitly political (figurative and abstract painting, street art, sculpture, installations and photographic art).

5 October, 2017 to 23 October, 2017

Balesi, Eleanna
Cacao Rocks
Christofi, Stella
Dimitrakopoulou, Venia
Karalis, Babis
Katsoudas, Dimitris
Kontellis, Andreas
Lowery, Todd
Merantzas, Dimitris
Poulantza, Natassa
Psychopedis, Jannis
Ralli, Ioanna
WD (Wild Drawing)

Organization / Production: 
Michael Cacoyannis Foundation - Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Exhibition Area -1st & 2nd floor
18:00 - 22:00
Free Entrance
Special remarks: 
Wheelchair accessible
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