From Building to Community: Ioannis Despotopoulos and the Bauhaus
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From Building to Community: Ioannis Despotopoulos and the Bauhaus


To mark the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus, the Goethe-Institut is mounting the exhibition From Building to Community: Ioannis Despotopoulos and the Bauhaus in collaboration with the Athens Conservatoire and the Benaki Museum Modern Greek Architecture Archives.

10 October, 2019 to 7 November, 2019

Ioannis Despotopoulos lived in Weimar for two years at the time of the Bauhaus and was the only Greek architect to have direct contact with the people involved in the famous art school and with its principles and teaching.

His experience at the Bauhaus and the atmosphere of the Weimar Republic had adefining influence on his later work, especially since he was one of the first Greek architects to talk about architecture’s ideological, political, and social dimensions. He saw the Bauhaus not as a “style” but as an intellectual and creative mode, which he applied in his design for the Athens Cultural Centre in 1959 and for the Conservatoire (“Odeon”), the only building in this projectto be realized.

The exhibition focuses on the Athens Conservatoire, while also illuminatingdifferent facets of the architect’s life and unpublished elements of the design for the cultural centre. The centrepiece of the exhibition is the social dimension of Despotopoulos’swork. The idea of community is not only one of the keyaspects of the Bauhaus but also one of the central organizational principles of Greek settlements. Despotopoulos was fully conversant with these principles, which he integrated into his plans for the cultural centre and the conservatoirebuilding.

The exhibition will run from 10 October to 7 November. It will be accompanied by side events (speeches, guided tours, virtual reality) and by a catalogue containing Despotopoulos’s texts on the Bauhaus. The show is curatedby Lukas Bartatilas, an architect and doctoral student at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

Guided Tours:
11/10 17:00 (greek)
12/10 11:00 (english)
12/10 16:00 (greek)
18/10 17:00 (greek)
19/10 16:00 (greek)
20/10 11:00 (german)

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Goethe-Institut, Athens Conservatoire, Benaki Museum Modern Greek Architecture Archives.
Athens Conservatoire
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