Katerina Katsifaraki "Dwelling"
Benaki Museum / Mentis – Antonopoulos (‘ΝΕΜΑ΄) Passementerie
6 Polyfemou St., Piraeus Str, 118 54

Katerina Katsifaraki "Dwelling"


Katerina Katsifaraki’s art revolves around the concept of perpetual motion. Ephemeral dwelling, roots and uprooting, the ceaseless moving from place to place, taking notice of the ostensibly unimportant and giving prominence to the fleeting are at the epicentre of her work.

22 September, 2020 to 9 January, 2021

We often say that life “unravels” before our eyes. That memory is a “thread” with the potential to direct its course. That joy and peace must first “take root” in order to survive.

The photographs, videos, installations and objects of Katsifaraki, exhibited discreetly around the old textile factory, stand to confirm the metaphorical power of the thread and its relationship to nature. Through this cohabitation of images, threads, landscapes and machinery, nomadic/rhizomatic thought lays claim to our attention once again.

Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday: 10:00 - 15:00
Admission free
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Wheelchair accessible
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