Science and Erudition during the Turkish Occupation
Thales and Friends
Herakleidon 16, Thissio, 11851

Science and Erudition during the Turkish Occupation


Speaker : Mrs. Maria Efthimiou | Historian

Contrary to the widespread stereotype that the education of the Greeks during the Turkish occupation was under oppression, the process of teaching developed with accomplishments, not at all negligible considering the conditions of that period. For example, a network of schools existed, some of them of a high-level, with an up-to-date library and adequate equipment to conduct Physics and Chemistry experiments. Furthermore, the Greeks of the Western and Central European communities were in touch with the most advanced currents of thought and science of the time, which they passed on to the rest of the Greeks and spread throughout the Balkans.

20 December, 2019

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Thales and Friends
Herakleidon Museum
19:00 - 21:00
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