National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (EMST)

Athens, Syngrou-Fix
Kallirrois Ave. & Amvr. Frantzi Street (former FIX factory) Athens, Greece, 117 43

The National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (ΕΜΣΤ) began its operation in 2000. It is now permanently located at the former FIX brewery, the reconstruction of which was completed in February 2014. From 2003 until 2008, ΕΜΣΤ held exhibitions and events at the Athens Concert Hall, the Athens School of Fine Arts and in public spaces. Then from 2008 until 2015, it was hosted in a section of the Athens Conservatory building. Finally, in May 2015, the museum moved to its permanent premises, where from October, 2016, to January, 2019, it used the temporary exhibition spaces. In February, 2020, ΕΜΣΤ opened its doors in full operation to the public. In the context of its role on a social and educational level, ΕΜΣΤ offers the public opportunities to interact with contemporary art through its exhibitions, activities, programs and publications.

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