Social Media and Arts Management
Hellenic American Union
Massalias 22, Athens, 10680

Social Media and Arts Management

Online Seminar

What skills should culture professionals develop, in order to face the challenges of the new digital era?

12 October, 2020 to 27 November, 2020

How are Culture and Arts affected by Social Media?
How can cultural professionals respond to demands for online competency?
What are the necessary tools and skills culture professionals need to develop to meet the challenges of the new digital and highly networked era?

The popularity of social media and social networks is undeniable. Their influence can be seen in the market, businesses, and in the community in general. It is also extending to the arts and culture. The seminar, which Lida Tsene coordinates, introduces participants to the role of social media and social networks in the field of Arts Management.

→ Seminar Duration: October 12 – November 27 (1.5 months)
→ Fully ONLINE: Participate in the seminar from wherever you are! You just need a computer connected to the internet.
→ Flexible: No class attendance. Instead you can arrange your time for participating online in a way that is most convenient for you.
→ Reliable: Certificate of attendance on the condition of completing at least 70% of the exercises.
→ Contemporary: The seminar is conducted though Blackboard e-learning platform. No need to install any additional software. You just need to know how to use the Internet and how to send and receive emails. A good command of English in order to fulfil the reading assignments is required.
→ Course fees: 120€

 For more information and registrations, click here.

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