Vasilis Gerontakos | Andrei Tarkovsky: The Ark of Images
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Vasilis Gerontakos | Andrei Tarkovsky: The Ark of Images


“My job is to make the viewer of my films his need to love and be loved, to understand that beauty calls him near her” to her."

This phrase of Andrei Tarkovsky encloses the effort of a creator to awaken man, so that he becomes a participant in a universe, where the driving force is love.

Andrei Tarkovsky is an undercover poet-director, the creator of a complex cosmopolitanism whose roots are traced to late 19th-century Russia, guided on one hand by Dostoevsky's genius, Dovzhenko's lyricism, the power of great creators of the time, and on the other, by the spirituality of Orthodoxy and other metaphysical Eastern dogmas.

Based on these influences, he composed a universe of magical relationships, where he directed with a new cinematic language, the meeting of man with the world. Image is the key to entering this universe, which will be explored through his work.

This tribute consists of three meetings. In the first meeting, a presentation will be made, showing some excerpts from the film Nostalgia, as well as necessary material, exploring the way Tarkovsky detects nostalgia and the search for the "place" as an element of identity.

In the second meeting, using the same methods and analysing the film “Andrei Rublyov”, we will explore Tarkovsky’s relationship with spirituality, tradition, orthodoxy, power, God and his anguished attempt to meet the "Other”.

In the third meeting, through the film “Sacrifice”, his swan song, his gaze will be sought on modern civilization, the search for fundamental values ​​that govern human existence, the meaning of sacrifice, the future of humanity.

23 October, 2020 to 6 November, 2020

October 23, 30 2020, November 6 2020

Friday, 18:00 – 20:00

Individual Lecture: 10€, 5€

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B&M Theocharakis Foundation
Friday, 18:00 – 20:00
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