Balkans Beyond Borders

Praxitelous 26, 10561

Balkans Beyond Borders (BBB) is a non for profit organization, with its head office in Athens, that from 2010 seeks to promote youth mobility and youth cooperation in the Balkans through “dialogue”, “interaction” and “innovative thinking”. Investing in the region’s young people, and through its flagship activity the moving BBB Short Film Festival, BBB aims to create an Inter- Balkan network able to promote efficiently the work of young artists of the region and beyond, in order to familiarize its audience to the Balkan culture and its diversity. Balkans Beyond Borders has been awarded twice from the EU for its contribution to civil society, because through its actions it succeeds at raising awareness for important issues.

Our Mission
• Develop the understanding of cultural diversity in the Balkan region and beyond
• Promote intercultural dialogue among both on regional and Pan-European level
• Boost regional cooperation in the Balkans
• Contribute to the integration of the Balkan Region in the EU
• Unify young people from the region towards a better common future
• Develop young people’s practical skills and knowledge, promoting Balkan talents and creativity
• In 2011 BBB was awarded by the European Parliament in 2011 with the Charlemagne Youth Prize for its innovative Festival, the youth mobility initiatives and its focus on building the European idea.
• In 2018 Balkans Beyond Borders is among the five finalists for the Civil Society Prize of the EESC - European Economic and Social Committee
What we do
• We organize the annual thematic Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival which travels every year in a different Balkan city (... and beyond)
• We organize life learning and film making workshops
• In collaboration with the academia and civil society NGOs we orgnanize Seminars and open discussions with the public tackling issues of contemporaneity and enhancing youth engagement and participation
• Balkans Beyond Borders has invested time and effort in creating a network of young active and creative people from the Balkans and beyond in order to support and promote the BBB idea in the EU.
Today, BBB team counts four members (4 members in the core team and 10 Ambassadors) and its volunteers who follow its activities around the Balkans with joy and devotion to its mission.

Activities: festival, cultural events, film screenings, round tables, interactive workshop/ seminars, networking events

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