#OccupyAtopos #EleniRiga #TheOfficeOfHydrocommons
ATOPOS Contemporary Visual Culture
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#OccupyAtopos #EleniRiga #TheOfficeOfHydrocommons

Visual Arts

ATOPOS cvc invites you to the opening of The Office of Hydrocommons, an interdisciplinary and interartistic program focusing on climate and social change in relation to water and the body, to be held at its premises on World Water Day, Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at 18:00. The program is actualized following an invitation and commission by the ATOPOS cvc artistic director Vassilis Zidianakis to the independent curator Eleni Riga in the context of #OccupyAtopos.

In an era of environmental and social crisis, the “modern water” has become an abstract notion; an easily recognizable chemical formula (H₂O); a commodity. In this crucial moment when water is in the frontline of climate change and at risk of being privatized, we are called to re-define what water is. It is worth thinking that it is not only a necessary natural substance, a common good, or a human right, but also a powerful metaphor that allows us to envision a different future – more fluid, inclusive, and resilient.

Taking different forms and manifestations, the Office of Hydrocommons is the fruit of the guest curator’s ongoing research into ecofeminism: a theoretical and political movement, an amalgam of feminism and ecology. Departing from the “wet heart,” the well in the center of the ATOPOS cvc premises, the program attempts to explore different aspects of climate change in relation to water, and the impact that affects bodies of women, queer, trans, and indigenous people. Informed by the properties of water’s liquidity, the program unfolds in different manifestations: an exhibition, an international artist residency, a series of weekly public events, and the Research Office. “Hydroresearchers” from different fields, such as the arts, marine biology, agronomy, urbanism, sports, and activism, are invited to participate in the program.

15 March, 2023 to 1 July, 2023


Exhibition participants: Ileana Arnaoutou and Ismene King, Despina Charitonidi, Eleni Mylonas, Maria Nikiforaki
Artists-in-Residence: Maëlle Gross, Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri, Kasia Wojcik
Event participants: George Alexopoulos, Manos Bazanis, Olga Evangelidou, Catriona Gallagher, Maëlle Gross, Hariklia Hari, Rika Krithara, James Lane, Naiads, Giorgis Noukakis, Nefeli Papaioannou, Irene Ragusini, Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri, Joulia Strauss, Margarita Tsomou, Kasia Wojcik
Concept, Research, Organization, Curation: Eleni Riga
Artistic Direction ATOPOS cvc: Vassilis Zidianakis
Production Coordination: Konstantinos Kotsis, Katerina Sarri,
Research Office and Events Assistance, Facilitation: Steffie Stouri
Communication Strategy: Ioanna Ntali
Visual Identity, Graphic Design: Stathis Mitropoulos
Furniture Design: Jose Ballerzosa
Audiovisual Equipment: Art Power
Printing: Pletsas Kardari Printing Office
Photo Documentation: Alexandra Masmanidi
Copy Editing, Proofreading: EG (Geli Mademli, Eleanna Papathanasiadi)


The Office of Hydrocommons takes place in the framework of the program #OccupyAtopos, and is realized with the financial support of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation as part of the Research Residency Program 2022, the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Chania, the Municipality of Apokoronas, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Pro Helvetia, and Goethe-Institut.

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ATOPOS Contemporary Visual Culture
March 22 – July 1, 2023
Thursday–Saturday 17:00–21:00
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Reservations are accepted
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