Direction: Constatinos Hatzis Premiere: Friday 13 December Raskolnikov, Stavrogin, Smerdyakov and Ivan Karamazov confront their sins, come face to face with their own truth, destroy themselves...
Turn off the light! for children 4-10 years old 4-10 ετών Every Sunday at 15:30
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A tender story about friendship, forest and the elements of nature. For children from 18 months up to 5 years old. Based on a method of theatrical plays for very young ages.
Piraeus Str
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Where do the memories go when we forget them? And how do you get around a world that insists on forgetting? What do elderly people look like? But what does a child care about all this! Unless someone...
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Stefanos Dandolos A STORY WITHOUT A NAME The secret passion of Penelope Delta for Ion Dragoumis Starting on Friday 17 January 2020 At the Theatre Starring: Tasos Nousias, Betty...
In January, Parabases, SNFCC Reader’s Theater, presents Elfriede Jelinek’s subversive novel The Piano Teacher, featuring Maria Skoula and Orfeas Avgoustidis, who are transformed under the direction...
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Join us for a playful stroll from the Ancient Agora to the Herakleidon Museum. Walk with us through the alleyways of Thissio while Hesiod’s poem Theogony unfolds. Follow our actors to Herakleidon...